The Second Page

Personal stories. Season two.

Photo by Theen Moy

29 Apr 2013

A double episode this week: Stories about Monsters Under the Bed and stories about Coming Home.


Mike “on-a-bike” Rauscher is an Oberlin College alum from the class of 2011. Right now he is lying low in Cleveland with delusions of being a popular scholar of the internet.

Seán Hanson, Oberlin class of 2011, lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Hillary Carter, Oberlin class of 2009 and former writer for The Dead Hear Footsteps and Semi-Automatic Players, now resides in Columbia, Missouri.

Helen Chu-Hirschberg is currently moving homes from Fremont, CA to Lafayette, CA.

Emma Anderson is an Oberlin alum from the class of ‘09. She lives in Seattle and spends her time teaching kids about math, computers, and research skills.

Brandi Ferrebee is a 2010 graduate of Oberlin College. She’s living the adventure of returning home to the Shenandoah Valley, where she learns the old ways and sneaks off to the city to swing dance and discuss social justice.

Edward Underhill is an Oberlin Conservatory alum from the class of 2009. He lives in New York City and writes music.


Seán Hanson: Radio Loop

Nine Inch Nails: The Four of Us are Dying, Corona Radiata,

Podington Bear: Back Stairs, Graduation, Two Boys and a Girl, Chipper Dan, Curious Process

Josh Woodward: Breadcrumbs, Already There, Ashes

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