The Second Page

Personal stories. Season two.

Photo by David Kovalenko

13 Nov 2017

This week: Stories about second chances.


Harris Lapiroff is founder of the Second Page, DC resident, and a restless spirit.

Amanda J. Lozada is a writer and performer working out of Boston, Massachusetts. She often plays music and tells stories under her alt(a/e)r ego, Lonesome Joan. She thinks you’re pretty nice for reading the performer bios.

Seán Hanson is a software engineer living in Brooklyn, New York. When not programming, he’s working on this podcast, writing snippets of incidental music, playing Javanese Gamelan, and thinking about queerness.

Michael Georgilis is an alum from Centre College class of 2010, and Northern Kentucky University 2017. A collector of books, tea, and folklore, he works in Cincinnati, Ohio to make textbooks cheaper for students everywhere.

Emma Anderson lives in Greenfield, Massachusetts. She spends her time making delicious food, playing music and calling contra dances.

Music by Podington Bear, Josh Woodward, Seán Hanson

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