The Second Page

Personal stories. Season two.

Photo by Gilles Pfeiffer

25 Dec 2017

This week: Stories about winter.


Aries Reyes is often found on top of a chair; toasting births and successes, introducing notable humans, barking orders, and celebrating life. In their working hours, they assist the good folks of our nation’s capital recover from their stressful lifestyles and/or shoulder slash hip issues. They are mostly a black Labrador puppy underneath this crumbly human disguise.

Amanda J. Lozada is a writer and performer working out of Boston, Massachusetts. She often plays music and tells stories under her alt(a/e)r ego, Lonesome Joan. She thinks you’re pretty nice for reading the performer bios.

Ari Goodman lives in Olympia, Washington where she measures how tall the water is and sometimes also how tall the mud is.

Emma Anderson lives in Greenfield, Massachusetts. She spends her time making delicious food, playing music and calling contra dances.

Music by Podington Bear, Josh Woodward, and Seán Hanson

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