The Second Page

Personal stories. Season two.

Photo by Dino Reichmuth

10 Dec 2017

This week: Stories about road trips.


Harris Lapiroff is the founder of the Second Page, DC resident, and a restless spirit.

Ruthie Byers is a dancer, fiddler, and software engineer living somewhere between Oakland, California and Somerville, Massachusetts.

Michael Georgilis is an alum from Centre College class of 2010, and Northern Kentucky University 2017. A collector of books, tea, and folklore, he works in Cincinnati, Ohio to make textbooks cheaper for students everywhere.

Seán Hanson is a software engineer living in Brooklyn, New York. When not programming, he’s speaking at conferences about diversity and inclusion, and co-editing this podcast.

Music by Podington Bear, Josh Woodward, and Seán Hanson

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